V2 Cigs Review- What You Need To Know

V2 Cigs

There are lots of people who have been using electronic cigarettes since they were first introduced into the market. Most people stick to one or more of the brands which include White Cloud, Lucy, Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke and Blu. By trying all the brands, it’s a good way to find the best preference. Some of the top 3 choices for most consumers narrow down to Green Smoke, White Cloud and V2 e-cigarette.

The Manual Vapor Ignition Button

Looking closely at the original V2 e-cig, you will find a button located near the battery, quite peculiar from other brands. The button is used to ignite the vapor when you’re smoking the cigarette. Remember, most of the other brands have an automatic button that ignites the vapor.

One of the advantages of the manual ignition button is the fact that there is no delay since once the vapor is heated you can start inhaling immediately. That’s not the same case for the automatic ignition found on other brands of e-cigarettes. Right before you take a puff with this manual ignition system, you will notice that the vapor is already being produced.

As for the automatic ignition, you might have to puff once or twice before you can get the rich vapor. Thanks to the manual ignition feature found here, the V2 electronic cigarette has become quite popular in the market.

Charger, Carrying Case And Batteries

Once you order a kit, it comes with 3 different customization batteries that come in different colors. You can also V2 e-cigs with batteries of different lengths, some that come with different LED colors. There is the 120 mm battery that allows you to take as many as 300 puffs before it wears out. One limitation though is the fact that it is very heavy and long thereby being quite cumbersome for most people especially because it doesn’t fit in the carrying case.

There are other 2 shorter batteries with one standard size that you can order for your V2 electronic cigarette kit. There is also a portable charger that allows you to charge your cig when you’re on the go. This is one of the most amazing features of this cigarette that’s not available with other brands. Thanks to these features, you can choose the shorter V2 e-cigs and enjoy as many puffs as possible without worrying about running out of battery when you’re travelling.

V2 Cigs Review Of The Vapor Produced

Yet another plus for the V2 e-cig model compared to other brands is the fact that it has a very thick, consistent and very tasty vapor. Green Smoke and White Cloud E-cigs come in second, when the vapor is rated. Note that, these 2 brands don’t have a portable charger or the manual ignition button hence most consumers tend to avoid them.

If you order V2 cigarette kit with battery options mentioned above, you should try out these features. You can find more options of this e-cig brand all around and it’s definitely cheaper than the White Cloud or Green smoke brands. Don’t forget about the beautiful carrying case that comes with small batteries, black in color as well as the colored filters that improve the general aesthetic value.

There are many people who don’t like flavored e-cigs but for those who do, you can enjoy the various flavors available with this e-cig. For instance, there is the cherry flavor that gives you a very candid and enjoyable smoking experience. Others available flavors for this e-cig include coffee, chocolate, vanilla, congress and cowboy. There is a theory that the last 2 flavors were designed after Marlboro parliaments and reds flavors. Try out these flavors and enjoy a nice feeling to your throat, much better than any other cigarette or e-cigarette brands.

After putting everything into consideration, including the battery options, the different flavors, the high quality and consistent vapor, you will find that the V2 e-cig is one of the most popular ones. Don’t forget the fact that it’s offered for a very cheap price, much cheaper than other brands currently in the market. There are many more distinguishable features that allow this brand to stand out much more than the rest.

So, Why Should You Buy It?

Electronic cigarettes have become the best alternative to smoking mainly because of the numerous health benefits they provide. Conventional smoking brought about different types of cancer, affected the lungs and much worse could lead to terrible addictions. However, with electronic cigarettes, you can moderate yourself and enjoy high quality vapors that enhance your experience perfectly.

Well, with all the benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes, why should you settle for nothing than the best? As mentioned above, the V2 electronic cigarette is sweeping this niche by a storm. It’s very popular, it’s available cheaply and produces an exceptional vapor that can’t compete with other brands, thanks to the manual ignition procedure.

The Bottom Line

Whether you purchase this e-cig from an online store or a physical vendor near your location, you can enjoy all the various features for a thrilling smoking experience. The best and safest place to order is directly from their website here… www.v2cigs.com

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