DaVinci Portable Vaporizer

The DaVinci is a new handheld unit from Karma, a company previously known only for making an e-cigarette. I paid $200 and got mine from Vapeworld. Here is my review after putting it to good use.

First of all, it has a very impressive design. This is a well-constructed unit with a nice design. Great work, considering it is Karma’s first herbal vaporizer. The buttons and switch are strong and they don’t wiggle around very much. The plastic is thick and solid.

DaVinci Vaporizer

The unit comes in a metal cookie tin box with two foam/velvet trays that hold the unit and charger – the box reminds me of a Pelican case. It’s pretty rugged and I don’t think it would break open if I dropped it on the floor. The charger is also good quality. The way they arranged the unit in the box is nice.

Inside the Davinci, you have an upper and lower chamber for your “plant material”. It also has a small oil-can for concentrates. The chambers don’t have a big capacity, but they hold enough. If you fill them up then you would get about the amount in a small joint. I would estimate it at about 2 solo stems. There is a tiny brush that has a holder inside the lid. There is also a small compartment with a pop-off lid that you can store your herb in for later use.

How The DaVinci Functions:

This unit heats up really fast. There’s an LCD temperature readout, so you can see it getting up to the proper vaping temperature. Once it gets going, it produces a good amount of vapor – I definitely see nice visible clouds when I use it. After use, the herb in the chamber looks very evenly browned. I dumped it out and took a look, and there were no black specs at all. So that means it’s not burning the herb at all and it’s a real vaporizer.

Here’s what I like about the DaVinci:

  1. Great construction and design; I expect it to hold up to extended use
  2. It warms up really fast so you can start vaping quickly
  3. The power source is a battery, so unlike the Iolite, you don’t have to worry about buying butane. There’s a battery meter display so you know when you’re getting low. I used it a couple of times and still had full bars, so the charge lasts for a while.
  4. The area for storing your shit locks tight, so you don’t have to worry about your material falling out if you drop it. It’s safe to store a few stems in it.
  5. It’s a bit smaller than the other higher end convection units on the market like the Arizer Solo. This is vape is easy to carry around in your pocket so you can be very stealth.


1) It was a bit difficult to clean at first, but I discovered you can just use a Q-Tip and it works fine.

2) There was initially a plastic smell, but it went away after a few uses. It wasn’t that strong anyway.


I’ve used quite a few vapes and overall, I think the DaVinci is the best portable around. I’ve done plenty of research. There’s still the old school low-tech option of the Magic Flight Launch box or the new and popular Arizer Solo vaporizer. But I like the DaVinci because I can carry it in my pocket with my herb safely stored. The noise is also very little so I can use it anywhere.

I got my Davinci at Vapeworld, which is an online vape store. They have free shipping of most vapes. I looked around and saw that the price was a little bit lower on Amazon here: DaVinci on Amazon. I paid $200 for mine on Vapeworld: DaVinci Vaporizer. It’s probably a bit less on Amazon.


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